PAAWs to Celebrate – November 14

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The Performers

Major Handy

“A thoughtful, articulate man off-stage, Handy is a whirlwind on it, shifting gears with breathtaking speed, he can reel off uncanny swatches of rock, blues, country and soul tangled up in delicious counterpoints of pure zydeco.” – New Orleans Times Picayune

Visit Major Handy’s website at

Prodigies Of Peace
The Prodigies of Peace formed in the early months of 2009 by a group of lads in their run down practice space. With a mutual respect for the blues and a like minded approach to song writing the Prodigies set out with no real direction other than playing music for their own satisfaction. Eventually that got boring and the band decided it was time to start playing for strangers. Good times were had and and the Prodigies’ special brand of psychedelic blues rock earned them a few fans, but the original mind set remains the same. Playing music for the sake of music.

Dave Hebert – Vocals, Guitar
Matt Ortego – Lead Guitar
Tao Techakanon- Bass
Jake Kora – Drums
Andrew Vo – Keys

Prodigies of Peace Facebook Page

The Lifters – featuring Glenn Paul Lancon

Ragu Patat – with members of the Lost Bayou Ramblers – is making their first premiere appearance as part of PAAWs to Celebrate!