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Shopping Helps PAAW Save Animals

Too many cats and dogs are abandoned, abused or neglected. Fortunately, there are people who are willing to adopt animals who have not had the best circumstances before finding their way to People Assisting Animal Welfare (PAAW). We want to ensure that wherever these loving dogs and cats go once they leave us, that it is a good fit between them and the family. All dogs and cats deserve to be loved and taken care of, but our special friends need extra time and attention before finding their forever home. That is why we insist on a the fostering process prior to adoption.

By fostering, we have the opportunity to learn each cat and dog’s personality and behaviors. While this is a crucial part of ensuring a proper match with a forever home, there are many expenses involved, from veterinary care and feeding to the cost of carriers for crate training. We have recently partnered with, a program that since 2006 has donated nearly $11 million to over 110,000 charities and schools nationwide.

The program is easy – and free! – and something everyone can do from the comfort of his or her own home. If you shop on line, then you’ll love the Goodshop program. Every time you shop at any of over 4,000 retailers online, could be donating a percentage of what you spend to PAAW. The list of retailers is amazing, and likely includes all the places you already shop at online. From Harry & David , Walgreens and 39 Dollar Glasses to Moosejaw,  Gettington and Bath & Body Works , the range of retailers is huge!

What makes this program so great, aside from the easy way of raising funds for PAAW, is that there are dozens of coupons, deals and promotions available per retailer. If you were to view the Popcorn Factory deals , you may want to use the Shop the VIP line and Enjoy Free Shipping deal. Or maybe you prefer to use a Sephora deal for 3 Free Samples with Every Order. For these retailers, Goodshop would donate 6% and 5% to PAAW. There are over 100,000 coupons, deals and promotions available through Goodshop, so you are bound to save money by using the Goodshop portal when you shop online. And you can feel warm at heart knowing that your purchases generate donations that give each animal a proper fostering period, medical care, and ultimately a great chance of finding its forever home.

Give it a try. Sign up at Goodshop, designate People Assisting Animal Welfare – PAAW as your non-profit, and type in your favorite retailer or choose one from the categories list. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to save animals that only know want to love and be loved.

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