Animal Friendly LA License Plates

Everyone in Louisiana who loves animals can now help reduce the number of homeless animals with one of these new plates! The animal friendly plates, which feature a silhouette of a dog and cat and the phrase “Animal Friendly,” are available from the LOUISIANA OFFICE OF MOTOR VEHICLES EXPRESSLANE, SPECIAL LICENSE PLATE SECTION

The charge for the plate is $25, in addition to standard motor vehicle license taxes.This prestige plate is issued to citizens in the same manner as other license plates. Proceeds from the sale of the Animal Friendly plate will be used for low-cost pet sterilization surgeries for low income pet owners. Grants will be issued by the Pet Overpopulation Advisory Council to charities and animal shelters offering pet sterilization programs.

To order an animal friendly plate, visit, which will direct you to the Expresslane website.

Visit for ordering information!

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