Happy Tails

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It’s hard to believe that this handsome guy has been in his adoptive home for two years already! He was such a presence in his foster home that he is still missed. But, he is very loved in his new home and is making another family very happy. Proof positive that every dog has his day. We love you Crash, you are a good boy!


I said goodbye to my dog today
Well, not my dog.
A street dog, you know…
One of those damn foster dogs

One of those dogs that comes in to your home
Disrupts the balance, causes mayhem
All the while worming themselves deep into your heart
One of those dogs that can’t leave soon enough,
Will never be placed,
Becomes a part of your pack
One of your dogs

Then the call comes,
He’s everything they have been looking for
They are everything he needs
They are going to take my do

My heart broke into a million pieces as I said goodbye to my dog today
Well, not my dog
A street dog, you know
Just another one of those damn foster dogs.

© Rae Gross