About PAAW

People Assisting Animal Welfare was incorporated in February 2000 as a 501c3 non
profit organization. The organization was formed by a group of concerned citizens with
several years of experience in animal rescue.

We are a foster home network of people that take cats and dogs into our homes,
provide medical care, food, and affection. Placing dogs and cats in foster homes allows
us an opportunity to observe how the animal will react to situations that will occur once
they are adopted. By keeping cats and dogs in our homes, we are more likely to know
which animals are house trained, how they eat along with other dogs or cats, whether
they are barkers, diggers, jumpers etc. This awareness allows us to place each animal in
the most appropriate home.

Cats are routinely tested for Feline Leukemia, vaccinated for the most common cat
viruses, wormed and spayed/neutered before adoption. Dogs are tested for
heartworms, vaccinated for the most common dog viruses, wormed, and spayed /
neutered prior to adoption. Any dog that is found to be positive for heartworms is
treated prior to adoption.

Most of the dogs that we have for adoption are trained to sleep in a pet carrier.


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