Help Deaf Cat Stevie Get To Best Friends Sanctuary

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In the beginning of January 2014, PAAW got an e-mail and some photos about a young black & white kitten that showed up at a family’s front porch. The family set him up on their back patio with food, water and bedding. Then the people went on a vacation and were asking for help. After a short thinking about the situation we knew we had to help. So our volunteer Barbara went and picked up Stevie. It was quickly realized that something’s totally wrong with this kitten. And it was confirmed the next day by our veterinarian. Stevie is deaf and has a slight neurological problem. But other than that he’s just a super affectionate kitten. He wants to be with people all the time. We tried hard to find him a home locally but nobody wants to give him a chance. So we sent a plea to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, and they accepted Stevie into the Sanctuary. This is awesome good news for Stevie. He will be one “special” kitten amongst many. And hopefully one day he’ll find his very own home. But – and now it comes again – we could need some financial help to get Stevie there. Barbara will drive Stevie there personally but it’s the gasoline that adds up. It’s over 3000 miles from Lafayette,LA to Kanab,UT and back.

Every little donation helps!

by PAAW People Assisting Animal Welfare
Stevie is ready to roll! Thank you so much to everybody who donated towards his traveling to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT. Next Saturday we will be on the road and he even has his own stroller now. Thanks Brandi for donating it. I also want to say Thank you to everybody who was following and forwarding his story. I still was hoping to find him a home locally but I think Best Friends is the next best place for a special kitty like him. And who knows – maybe in not to long from now he has his own family. Thank you again for helping.

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20 Facts For Dog Lovers

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20 Facts for Dog Lovers

Pets are our best friends and family members for life.

These 20 essential facts all dog lovers should keep in mind were written by DogHeirs. These life lessons are sometimes easy to forget in our hectic lives, but when you remember that you are your dog’s whole world, these 20 truths are unforgettable.

1. Don’t ignore me for too long. I may only live for 10 to 15 years. It seems like forever when you’re away from me and it hurts my heart when I don’t know where you are.

2. Take me to new places to meet friendly people and animals. I might be frightened of them at first, but if you hold my paw through these new experiences, I’ll learn to be more confident and trusting of others. I really do love to meet new friends.

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